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First MAPChiPP Seminar in Germany conducted

We had been looking forward to this event for a long time: The first MAPChiPP seminar in Germany finally took place March 22-24 in Heidelberg. Conditions were excellent: Sunny spring weather and a spacious and bright meeting room met motivated participants and commited trainers! We provide some insights and preliminary conclusions in the following.

The training was fully booked: We were very happy to welcome 18 participants working in divers fields of child protection and having various professional backgrounds – what an unusual seminar group! On the other side all participants certainly share a common goal: They strive for improving outcomes for children and their families. Not surprisingly the seminar was thus characterised by an atmosphere of respect, curiosity and readiness to exchange perspectives. Everybody highly appreciated this extraordinary opportunity!

The two trainers, Christine Gerber and Dr. Heinz Kindler, did a terrific job! Christine and Heinz conducted the seminar in a very discursive manner, i.e. they gave space for stimulating group works and posed thought-provoking questions what yielded discussions that participants experienced as especially enlightening and enriching within this multi-disciplinary group. Drawing on their expert knowledge and profound experiences in child protection the two were able to respond to interests and questions going above and beyond the thematic scope of the seminar. An impressive performance – no doubt!

Of course we also learned about things that can be improved still. The training material will be even better once further resources are developed and translated. The 24-hour interview video certainly needs German subtitles – we are working on that already! Overall we take this premiere as an encouraging experience – especially given that all participants agreed upon that multi-disciplinary training in child protection may be a good way to enhance mutual understanding and to facilitate future collaboration which is what MAPChiPP aims for!

We would like to thank all participants and the two trainers once again for supporting the further development of the MAPChiPP training program by providing valuable feedback: Thanks a lot!