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First MAPChiPP Seminar in the Netherlands conducted

The Dutch pilot training took place April 12-13 in Utrecht. Our project partners from the Netherlands Youth Institute (NYI) managed to have 12 enthusiastic participants. We were very glad to have Carla Thomas from our British associate partner Refocus on Practice as one of the trainers, next to Margreet Timmer from LOCK and Marianne Berger from the NYI. Together the three trainers composed an interesting training seminar out of the MAPChiPP modules. The seminar group was quite heterogeneous with respect to professional background as participants are working in different positions and disciplines of child protection. All Participants were very satisfied with the programme. The multi-disciplinary point of view, based on the Assessment Framework and connected to existing approaches as Signs of Safty, helped to make a broad analysis and set a base for good cooperation. The checklist for collaboration allowed participants to get in-depth insights into their current cooperation and to identify ways for improvement. The multi-disciplinary group conference was a very helpful exercise integrating all topics of the training. The evaluation turned out to be positive. Of course we also experienced aspects for improvement, for example to include further exercises and even more opportunities for exchange. For now the Dutch team works on the next steps: preparing the training of trainers and organising the seminar for policy makers.