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MAPChiPP in Lisbon: Bem-vindo!

The Portuguese MAPChiPP seminar took place in Lisbon on October 12 and 13. Eighteen experienced trainers in child protection with diverse professional backgrounds (for example from the national social services, health care services, child protection services, universities) took part. Melanie Tavares, Ana Van Krieken and Anabela Fonseca led the train the trainer seminar and conducted many group activities (marshmallow, trouble tree, crazy network of care) that were highly appreciated by participants. Although most of them were familiar with the Framework for Children in Need an their Families as this model has been in use in Portugal for some years already, everybody agreed that the MAPChiPP material may be a good means to further spread the word about this useful tool for those working with children. All attendees were happy to share their experiences and thought the discussions within this multi-disciplinary group were particularly fruitful and revealed interesting insights. As a participant put it:

Congratulations for the initiative! Very enlightening training and very relevant participation opportunities. The seminar allowed for valuable reflection and joint learning.

Here are some photos of the seminar: