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MAPChiPP in London: Very well received!

MAPChiPP was recently probed in England as well. Our associate partner Refocus on Practice very successfully hosted two one-day seminars in London on September 19 and 20, one for trainers in child protection and another one for early intervention practitioners. Both seminars were run by Carla Thomas from Refocus on Practice who did a terrific job! Furthermore, Marianne Berger from the Dutch project partner Netherlands Youth Institute and Margreet Timmer from the Dutch National Training Center against Child Maltreatment acted as co-presenters giving the seminars an international flavor. Stephen Pizzey from project partner Child and Family Training chaired the trainings and his fellow C&FT director Dr. Arnon Bentovim also contributed as a presenter. What an incredible line-up! Not to forget: Two representatives of our associate project partner Instituto de Apoio à Criança from Portugal also visited the seminars and enthusiastically supported the hosts.

The training was particularly well received by early help professionals – the respective seminar was fully booked with 20 participants. The focus of the day was on facilitating assessment, analysis, the implementation of child-focused interventions and the measurement of outcomes. Attendees were introduced to the project and given access to the resources of the MAPChiPP Toolbox to disseminate amongst their workforce. Participants were very interested in the materials and how these may be used and applied to the development of further training. They appreciated lots of discussion and the very good interaction amongst practitioners. The train the trainer seminar attracted 10 participants with diverse professional backgrounds. The training day was very interactive with many activities and discussion around assessment and analysis and the use of tools. Participants particularly enjoyed and learned from a presentation on communicating with children (cf. Module 07: Communicating with Children). All in all, the hosting British partners were very content and concluded that they have learnt a lot about the value of the materials over these two days. Or as a participant of the train the trainer seminar put it:

A good day. Informative and engaging speakers. Thank you!

Participants’ evaluations of the seminars included lots of appreciation and valuable feedback. For example, asked to what extend they experience a joint understanding of assessment in child protection between professions in multi-disciplinary contexts, the majority of participants of both seminars replied that this was only partly the case in their views. This is a surprising and very interesting outcome given that one would expect a higher degree of shared perspectives in child protection in the UK where the common assessment framework for children in need and their families is mandatory to be used for all professionals working with children for more than a decade already. This clearly shows that there is more to do even in a considerably well developed child protection system. Participants also thought so. And what is more: The vast majority agreed that multi-disciplinary composed seminars – like the MAPChiPP trainings – facilitate a better understanding of multi-disciplinary proceedings in child protection through helpful exchange among participants. So do we!

Here are photos of Marianne Berger, Margreet Timmer and Stephen Pizzey presenting as well as a group photo: