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MAPChiPP in Romania: Further Trainings wanted!

Our associate project partner Hope and Homes for Children Romania hosted a MAPChiPP seminar in Baia Mare on September 25 and 26. The multi-disciplinary group of participants consisted of 14 professionals with diverse backgrounds – in social work, psychology, education, nursery, therapy, specialized child protection service, health care and further more. Ileana Cirt and Iudith Kristian conducted the training and were very satisfied with the outcome:

The training in Baia Mare was an excellent opportunity for professionals to meet and reflect on their practice in child protection regarding multi-disciplinary collaboration!

Ileana and Iudith presented 7 out of the 12 MAPChiPP modules (cf. MAPChiPP Toolbox). Module 04: Information and Documentation was particularly much appreciated. Participants enjoyed working with the video and organising the information gathered arround the Assessment Framework triangle. The respective exercises were very well received and initiated lots of fruitful discussions. Module 08: Participation and Decision-making was positively challenging for the professionals because they had an opportunity to think about how much they involve families and children in the decision-making process and what should be improved in their every-day practice and how. All participants were willing to discuss current issues regarding situation in child protection. They enjoyed the practical side of the training and valued the seminar as a positive experience for them. Many of the professionals intend to use the tools learned about in their future practice and most of the attendees registered to the MAPPChiPP Network straightaway.

Since Hope and Homes for Children Romania works with several counties across the country Ileana and Iudith had many more professionals who were interested in this training but could not attend because travelling to Baia Mare was to expensive for them. That is, there is a high demand for training and we hope to be able to meet some of that within the reminder of the project’s run-time still!