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Central Union for Child Welfare

Central Union for Child Welfare (CUCW; Finland), founded in 1937, is a central organisation that works as an active and uniting force in matters relating to children’s rights on a national and European level. The CUCW aims for a situation where children’s needs are a priority in decision-making and children’s rights are implemented in full. The mission of the CUCW is to develop child welfare and to promote cooperation between non-governmental organisations, municipalities and state authorities. The CUCW has 93 organisational members and 39 municipal members.

Combatting child neglect and maltreatment has always been a significant part of the work of our organisation. MAPChiPP offers an excellent way of pursuing a society where all children can live free of violence, as enhancing the knowledge and co-operation of professionals are elementary parts of the work that is done to achieve this goal. The project is a great opportunity to gather and share knowledge from all around Europe.” – Sauli Hyvärinen

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