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Family Child Youth Association

The Family Child Youth Association was established in 1993, with the aim to support the welfare, well-being and protection of children and strengthening parents and families, through research, training and services for helping professionals. The Association has been publishing books, training materials and since 1993 the only Hungarian professional journal on family and child welfare and protection to help with dissemination of ideas, programs and contributing to the structural changes. We are financed through grants and contracts for training, research, conference, workshop organisation. We are a public priority association. The Association is a member of ISPCAN and Eurochild, participating in several EU projects. We are also adapting good practices and translate and publish materials in different areas, like foster care, abuse prevention, child rights, violence against children, conflict resolution.

I believe in multi-disciplinary cooperation. I think it is the most effective way to help children and families.” – Maria Herczog

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