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German Institute for Youth Human Services and Family Law

The German Institute for Youth Human Services and Family Law (DIJuF) e.V. offers a platform for professional dialogue between institutions and occupational groups which are involved in youth welfare and family law.

The office in Heidelberg supports the German youth welfare offices by offering expert legal advice, providing professional publications and organizing specialist conferences. The DIJuF also advises supra-regional committees and organisations as well as political and legislative bodies on youth welfare and family law matters.

The DIJuF is the only German non-governmental organisation that is committed to supporting youth welfare departments in the enforcement of child maintenance claims against non-resident parents. In order to enforce maintenance claims, the DIJuF liaises with corresponding foreign government departments and is involved in efforts to strengthen international cooperation.

“I strive for facilitating trainers and practitioners in child protection from all over Europe to get into contact and learn from each other. I am enthusiastic about being part of this challenging endeavour!” – Felix Dinger

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