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Hope and Homes for Children Romania

Since 1998, Hope and Homes for Children Romania closes down large institutions for children, as they are abusive and traumatising for child development. We believe all children should enjoy life either in their own family, or in a family environment. Overall, the organisation’s programmes aim to replace the institutional child protection system with a family-based one because attachment, individual attention, love, and stimulation are essential to each and every child.

Children and their families are at the heart of our actions. All our programmes are focused around them, and we treat each child individually. Our psychologists, social workers, and teachers start their work from the individual needs of the children and their families. We believe that social protection systems should be child and family-centric.

We managed to close more than 50 institutions in 18 years, with over 4,985 children having been taken out, and now enjoying life in their own families, foster care, or in family-type homes. 25,787 children have been able to stay with their parents, and 862 youngsters leaving state care have been supported to start independent lives. More than 1,800 children have benefited from the services of Day Centres, and another 843 benefited from the Emergency Reception Centres we developed. We trained over 8,125 staff members employed in social services.

Until now, over 40,000 children have benefitted from our programmes, and our target is to eradicate child institutionalisation in Romania, by 2022. Then, over the next 30 years, we aim to eradicate child institutionalisation globally.

We think that sharing experiences in a multi-disciplinary context is a key for learning and developing skills in the field of child protection.” – Otto Sestak

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